Our Pupils

As of April 2016, 46 pupils attend the two High Schools with our support and practically all of them live at the schools during the week.

The Wakkerstroom Farm School, a school mostly for the young children of coloured farm workers, releases around 40 - 50 young people from the 9th grade each year.

Among these are talented young people – male and female – who meet the requirements for continuing their education, e.g. at a High School.

However, in most cases their families are very poor and can neither pay the parent’s part of tuition and boarding, let alone the cost of school uniforms. Without support, these children would not be able to continue their education at a High School.

To give readers of these pages a better understanding of who these young people are and how they live, Hendrik Wernke (who is presently a volunteer at Wakkerstroom for 2 months) has created profiles of the young people who would like to go to High School in 2012.

You will find two of these profiles below: