Building Bridges – Our Engagement in the Education of Young People in South Africa

Our connection to South Africa was established through Marco and Justine Spalke, both missionaries who have been living and working near Cape Town since 2005.

Through talks that Marco Spalke gave in his German home town, Cloppenburg, a willingness to take on social responsibility in this region was sparked in the later founding members of the circle who had travelled in South Africa several times during the past 20 years.

In June 2011, we received a call for help from Marco that needed a quick response. The immediate problem was that the financial means needed to keep 14 pupils at the Robertson High School were not available. 

The problem: The money required from parents for tuition, boarding and school uniforms had not been received for months and the 14 pupils would soon be expelled from the school.

Marco was spontaneously promised the support he was asking for – and that was how this circle of friends was born!

To be able to continue this meaningful aid and sustainably ensure the goal, a plan was drafted to find further comrades in arms to become sponsors and support the project in the future.

Since November 2011, the board of Wakkerstroom Association visited the Wakkerstroom Farm School as well as the two High Schools, Robertson High School and Bonnievale High School, together with Marco. This resulted in very friendly and successful contacts between all involved and definitive goals, agreements and rules of the game were set out. 

Status as of  April 2016:

In Janaur 2016 there are 46 learners at Bonnievale High School or Robertson High School with Hostel. 28 learners finished High School with matric (E-level).

This was only made possible by the support of the Friends of Wakkerstroom. 

The Wakkerstroom circle of friends in Germany now consists of 100 sponsors, donators and support groups as well as volunteers which all support the project.

But there’s still a lot of work to be done!