Our Vision – Our Commitment

Living in peace and prosperity, approaching one another, developing without restraint, being respected, receiving trust and affection, taking over responsibility for those around you – these are motivating forces of human life and as such inalienable human rights.

“A compassionate heart” as say great philosophers of ancient as well as modern times does not mean to feel pity with others but to be sympathetic and, as a result, to provide help.

“The biggest problem in this world: 

Poverty and lack of education, those two combined. 

It’s important for us to ensure that education reaches everybody.”

Nelson Mandela

The Freundeskreis sees its vision and commitment in supporting the willingness to learn and to provide educational opportunities for young South Africans.

The Freundeskreis is a group of people who want to share their experiences with others, who are willing to commit themselves and to take over responsibility.

Sponsors, patrons, teachers, pupils, fellow organisations, and many volunteers contribute to the success of our educational project.

Young people, who would never have any chance without our support, get qualified education.

The Freundeskreis is proud of being able to guarantee that all sponsorships and donations are used 1:1 for the education of these young people. This is only possible with strict economic management and the support of many volunteers. And that’s what we are deeply grateful for.